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Master of Health Informatics & Health Information Management

Academic Experience

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The University of Washington Master of Health Informatics & Health Information Management program prepares you to lead in the rapidly evolving field of health IT.

Through the program's unique leadership-focused curriculum, created and taught in collaboration with the UW Master of Health Administration program, you'll develop the leadership skills required to manage large organizations, while gaining deep domain expertise in health informatics and health information management.

Competency-Based Curriculum

MHIHIM has a rigorous, competency-based curriculum that prepares students to lead in the health IT field. It’s structured around five key pillars: Health Information Systems, Health Care Data Analytics, Information Governance, Patient and Organizational Information Privacy and Security, and Health Systems Leadership. 

By the time you graduate, you'll be able to: 

  • Use current and emerging technology to enhance the organization's ability to deliver the clinical and administrative information necessary for patient care
  • Leverage the organization’s data to anticipate and provide clinical, research and business intelligence requirements 
  • Assess, design and lead enterprisewide programs to protect and enhance the health care organization’s information assets 
  • Proactively advocate for appropriate enterprise safeguards that meet industry standards 
  • Collaborate, transform and manage health information systems

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Industry Engagement

To ensure students are knowledgeable about the latest industry issues and trends, the program brings leading Seattle-area industry professionals into the classroom as part of the MHIHIM Stakeholders Program. Through frequent guest lectures and panels, you'll gain valuable insider insights into leadership, enterprise systems, informatics initiatives and more.

Program Format

You can earn your Master of Health Informatics & Health Information Management degree in 18 months, or six consecutive quarters. Classes meet once a month, Thursday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT daily. This program is delivered in a hybrid online format (HyFlex), with classes taught both face-to-face and online by the same instructor at the same time. There are a few required, in-person sessions held at our classroom location in Bellevue, Washington, but for most of the program, you have the flexibility to attend in person or remotely.

In addition to attending the monthly hybrid online classes, MHIHIM students participate in weekly webinars during each quarter. These online sessions are held Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m. PT on weeks when there are no hybrid online classes. For detailed schedule information, see the Student Resources page.